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The characteristics and uses of elastic nonwovens?
From: Enping Yi Ma Enterprise Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-04-14

The characteristics and uses of elastic nonwovens?

The advantages of elastic non-woven fabric:
------1, uniform thickness, good quality;
------2, excellent flexibility; good permeability
------3, feel good, good tension, high wear resistance;
------4, not fluff; wear-resistant environmental protection,
------5, not easy to deformation; tear resistance
------6, fire retardant, flame retardant;
------7, embossed embossed film.
Use of elastic nonwovens:
Elastic non-woven fabric is mainly used for inner lining of handbag, leather lining, shoe lining, leather base cloth, leather interlining, PU/PVC/ artificial leather base cloth, auto accessories, special purpose elastic non-woven lining
Our company produces non-woven fabric with high elasticity, no creases, folded after the rebound velocity, high density, high tensile tensile strength, the product has been through a variety of wear resistance and color fastness test, and REACH, ROHS, SGS, heavy metals and other environmental tests, according to customer requirements to do the required thickness, width. Color, use products. Can also according to customer's special need to use by all kinds of processing technology for processing, the function requirement of customers, such as fire / flame retardant, waterproof, high wear resistance, high wear resistance, printing, embossing, film etc...